Sudbury Swim Team Scholarship Winner 2010, Matt Wurm

Sudbury Swim Team Scholarship

2010 winner: Matt Wurm, American University

This $4000 scholarship is awarded to a LSRHS senior, who through his or her participation in the sport of competitive swimming, has realized the rewards of commitment, passion and dedication in mind, body and spirit. The funds for this scholarship are raised through an annual swim-a-thon sponsored by the Sudbury Youth Swim Team. Recipients of this award exhibit outstanding scholarship. swimming excellence and community leadership.

Recipients include:

  • 2009, Matt Newton, Connecticut College
  • 2008, Scott Erhmann, University of Delaware
  • 2007, Martha Shoemaker, New York University
  • 2006, Jeff Wurm, Boston University
  • 2005, Chris Baum, Boston College
  • 2004, Eric Thumma - Gustavus Adolphus College, Jason Thumma - Grinnell College
  • 2003, No award given
  • 2002, Alana Sieck, University of Maine
  • 2001, Alex Lawton, Williams College